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Dr.Silver Suresh
[ Manging Director ]

Suresh Fashion Jewellery is now headed by Ramaian. and His son Dr. Silver Suresh. They revolutionised the market with the innovative concept of the Gold and Silver supermarket, Our firm is well known to the business community for the variety range of  silver products, and timely supply with assured quality. we specialize in silver and gold for all occasions and celebrations.

Suresh Fashion Jewellery produces and collects silver and gold articles from a experienced craftsmans with a touch of out ancient heritage culture, inturn will be an antique to possess.

Suresh Fashion Jewellery is well located in its own premises in Marthandam, Kanyakumari. A wholesale hub for all kinds of silver and gold products given for a wholesale price to their elite customers.

Distribution of our products are welcome with a minimum investment of owning a single sample with a minimum capital.

We have three branches, located in the Marthandam. Suresh Fashion Jewellery specialises in bespoke jewellery, and also has a large selection of Chains, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings etc. We also have a wonderful range of giftware.

Suresh Fashion Jewellery making products together with classic gold and silver jewellery for both sexes. Wedding and engagement rings are available from leading brands.

With the excellent customer service expected of a family-run business, combined with modern techniques and expertise, Suresh Fashion Jewellery is the perfect place for discerning customers.

[ Founder ]

The Founder of Suresh Fashion Jewellery is Mr.Ramaiyan.

Suresh Fashion Jewellery was founded in 1978, And has many years experience in selling, Desining and Repairing High Quality Jewellery (GOLD & SILVER) for both men and women.

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